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Complex with galactose derived inhibitor
Liu C, Jalagam P, Feng J, Wang W, Raja T, Sura M, Manepalli R, Aliphedi B, Medavarapu S, Nair S, Muthalagu V, Natesan R, Gupta A, Beno B, Panda M, Ghosh K, Shukla J, Sale H, Haldar P, Kalidindi N, Shah D, Patel D, Mathur A, Ellsworth B, Cheng D, Regueiro-Ren A. Identification of Monosaccharide Derivatives as Potent, Selective, and Orally Bioavailable Inhibitors of Human and Mouse Galectin-3. Journal of medicinal chemistry 2022
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Available structures
1A3K : bGal14GlcNAc
1KJL : bGal14GlcNAc
1KJR : derivative of LacNAc
2NMN : bGal14Glc
2NMO : bGal14Glc
2NN8 : bGal14Glc
2XG3 : benzamido-N-acetyllactosamine
3AYA : bGal13aGalNAc-Ser
3AYD : bGal13aGalNAc-PNP
3AYE : bGal14Glc
3T1L : MQT
3T1M : DQT
3ZSJ : bGal14Glc
3ZSK : no ligand
3ZSL : no ligand
3ZSM : no ligand
4BLI : Thio di-galactoside derivative
4BLJ : Thio di-galactoside derivative
4BM8 : Thio di-galactoside derivative
4JC1 : thiodigalactoside
4JCK : thioditaloside
4LBJ : bGal13GlcNAc13bGal14Glc
4LBK : bGal14GlcNAc13bGal14Glc
4LBL : aNeuAc23bGal14Glc
4LBM : bGal13GlcNAc13bGal14Glc
4LBN : bGal14GlcNAc13bGal14Glc
4LBO : aNeuAc23bGal14Glc
4R9A : bGal14Glc
4R9B : bGal14Glc
4R9C : bGal14Glc
4R9D : bGal14Glc
4RL7 : bGal14Glc
4XBN : bGal13GlcNAc
5E88 : thiodigalactoside derivative
5E89 : thiodigalactoside derivative
5E8A : thiodigalactoside derivative
5EXO : galactose derivative
5H9P : thiodigalactoside derivative
5H9R : 3-deoxy-3-(4-[m-fluorophenyl]-
5IUQ : no ligand
5NF7 : LacNAc derivativee
5NF9 : LacNAc derivative
5NFA : LacNAc derivative
5NFB : LacNAc derivative
5OAX : no ligand
5ODY : no ligand
6B8K : no ligand
6F2Q : no ligand
6F6Y : no ligand
6FK2 : Lactitol
6FOF : bGal14Glc
6I74 : no ligand
6I75 : no ligand
6I76 : no ligand
6I77 : no ligand
6I78 : no ligand
6KXA : aGalA14GalA
6KXB : aGalA14GalAa14GalA
6Q0Q : Gal derivative
6Q17 : Gal derivative
6QGE : no ligand
6QGF : no ligand
6QLN : fluoroaryl triazole monothioga
6QLO : substituted fluoroaryltriazol
6QLP : substituted polyfluoroaryl mon
6QLQ : fluoroaryltriazole monothiogal
6QLR : fluoroaryltriazole monothioga
6QLS : fluoroaryltriazole monothioga
6QLT : fluoroaryltriazole monothiogal
6QLU : fluoroaryltriazole monothiogal
6RHL : galactose derivative (R enanti
6RHM : galactose derivative (S-enanti
6Y4C : bGal14Glc
7BE3 : bGalNAc14GlcNAc
7RDO : diselenodigalactoside
7RDP : selenodigalactoside
7RGX : Talose derivative
7RGY : Talose derivative
7RGZ : Talose derivative
7RH0 : Talose derivative
7RH1 : Talose derivative
7RH3 : Talose derivative
7RH4 : Talose derivative
7XFA : galactose derivative
7ZQX : galactose derivative
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