Browse commercial lectins by fold and specificity

Commercial lectins are extensively used in glycoconjugate characterisation, histochemistry, blood group typing and other applications. In this interactive table, a comprehensive list of these lectins were first assigned to UniLectin structural classes and linked to their corresponding UniLectin entries. Further information on specificity was compiled from the lectin guides of current vendors (Vector Laboratories, Glycodiag and Wako) as well as the review by Bojar et al. (2022). It was complemented via cross-links to glycan array data of the Consortium for Functional Glycomics (CFG) and to the CarboGrove resource. Note that UniProt accession numbers refer to the most likely option, but corresponding amino acid sequences may slightly differ from that of the actual commercial lectins. Suggestions for enriching this table are welcome.

  • Commercial lectin with 3D structure(s) in UniLectin3D
  • Commercial lectin available in LectomeXplore (with a specified prediction score)
  • Commercial lectin not found in UniLectin3D and LectomeXplore
FucGalGal, GlcNAcGalNAcGlcNAcManMan, GlcNeuAcNeuAc, NeuGcNeuGcAsialoChitin oligomersNo simple sugar
Ficolin like
C type lectin
Cholera toxin like AB5
Jacalin like
Monocot lectin like
AAL like (PropLec6A)
2 calcium lectin
L type (legume lectin)
Galectin like
Fungal fruit body lectin
H type lectin
F type lectin
1 Calcium lectin
Bacterial adhesin (FimH FlmH)
Bacterial adhesin (F17G)
TNFa like
Polyomavirus capsid protein
Ricin like
Clitocybe trefoil lectin like
Amaranthin like
Hevein like
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