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Lysophospholipases are enzymes that act on biological membranes to regulate the multifunctional lysophospholipids. The protein encoded by this gene has lysophospholipase activity. It is composed of two identical subunits which are held together by disulfide bonds. This protein has structural similarity to several members of the beta-galactoside-binding S-type lectin family. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008].
Protein (NP_037400)
Galectin 13
Galactoside-binding soluble lectin 13 (Galectin-13) (Gal-13) (Placental tissue protein 13) (PP13) (Placental protein 13)
galectin 13
Low evidence
S-Type Lectins - Prototypical
b-sandwich / ConA-like
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Model Confidence:
  •    Very high (pLDDT > 90)
  •    Confident (90 > pLDDT > 70)
  •    Low (70 > pLDDT > 50)
  •    Very low (pLDDT < 50)

  AlphaFold produces a per-residue confidence score (pLDDT) between 0 and 100. Some regions with low pLDDT may be unstructured in isolation.

Glycan ligands from structural data
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UniProt Main References (3 PubMed Identifiers)
  • A primate subfamily of galectins expressed at the maternal-fetal interface that promote immune cell death. [19497882]
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  • Galectin-13, a different prototype galectin, does not bind beta-galacto-sides and forms dimers via intermolecular disulfide bridges between Cys-136 and Cys-138. [29343868]
All isoforms of this gene containing a lectin domain
NP_037400.1, XP_024307242.1, XP_011525176.1, XP_016882204.1
RNA (Transcript ID: NM_013268.3)
galectin 13
  • Coding region
DNA (Gene ID: 29124)
galectin 13
strand +
NCBI CDS gene sequence (420 bp)
NCBI CDS gene sequence with introns (location: 39602569.. 39607339) (4771 bp)Download
NCBI CDS gene sequence with introns, 5'UTR and 3'UTR (location: 39602524.. 39607474) (4951 bp)Download
NCBI gene sequence (location: [39602524 - 1000].. 39607474) (5951 bp)Download
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