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This gene is a type I subclass member of the Reg gene family. The Reg gene family is a multigene family grouped into four subclasses, types I, II, III and IV based on the primary structures of the encoded proteins. This gene encodes a protein secreted by the exocrine pancreas that is highly similar to the REG1A protein. The related REG1A protein is associated with islet cell regeneration and diabetogenesis, and may be involved in pancreatic lithogenesis. Reg family members REG1A, REGL, PAP and this gene are tandemly clustered on chromosome 2p12 and may have arisen from the same ancestral gene by gene duplication. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008].
Protein (NP_006498)
Lithostathine-1-beta (Pancreatic stone protein 2) (PSP-2) (Regenerating islet-derived protein 1-beta) (REG-1-beta) (Regenerating protein I beta)
regenerating family member 1 beta
Very low evidence
C-type lectin
C-type - Free C-type Lectin Domains CTLDs
a/b mixed / C-type lectin-like
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No structure currently available in the PDB RCSB Databank.
Structural models
Model Confidence:
  •    Very high (pLDDT > 90)
  •    Confident (90 > pLDDT > 70)
  •    Low (70 > pLDDT > 50)
  •    Very low (pLDDT < 50)

  AlphaFold produces a per-residue confidence score (pLDDT) between 0 and 100. Some regions with low pLDDT may be unstructured in isolation.

SWISS-MODEL structural models
Modeller structural model (Homology modelling pipeline), Error: [1.61, 2.1] ÅDownload
The location of the lectin domain structural model is: 21-165
We infer [1.61, 2.1] Å as the interval of error of this structural model.
Template 1: 6JJJ chain: A, P70194, NP_058031.2, sequence identity: 24.1%, coverage: 95.2%, location in sequence: 393-543, (393-543 in PDB).
Template 2: 3L9J chain: C, P05452, NP_003269.2, sequence identity: 22.8%, coverage: 90.3%, location in sequence: 67-201, (46-180 in PDB).
Template 3: 3WHD chain: C, Q8WXI8, NP_525126.2, sequence identity: 22.1%, coverage: 96.6%, location in sequence: 63-215, (63-215 in PDB).
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Glycan ligands from structural data
No crystal structures of complexes with glycan ligand.
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UniProt Main References (4 PubMed Identifiers)
  • A gene homologous to the reg gene is expressed in the human pancreas. [8348956]
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RNA (Transcript ID: NM_006507.4)
regenerating family member 1 beta
  • Coding region
DNA (Gene ID: 5968)
regenerating family member 1 beta
strand -
NCBI CDS gene sequence (501 bp)
NCBI CDS gene sequence with introns (location: 79085216.. 79087612) (2397 bp)Download
NCBI CDS gene sequence with introns, 5'UTR and 3'UTR (location: 79085023.. 79087993) (2971 bp)Download
NCBI gene sequence (location: [79085023.. 79087993 + 1000]) (3971 bp)Download
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