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The protein encoded by this gene is the predominant constituent of the crystalline core of the eosinophil granule. High levels of the proform of this protein are also present in placenta and pregnancy serum, where it exists as a complex with several other proteins including pregnancy-associated plasma protein A (PAPPA), angiotensinogen (AGT), and C3dg. This protein may be involved in antiparasitic defense mechanisms as a cytotoxin and helminthotoxin, and in immune hypersensitivity reactions. The encoded protein contains a peptide that displays potent antimicrobial activity against Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, and fungi. It is directly implicated in epithelial cell damage, exfoliation, and bronchospasm in allergic diseases. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, Nov 2014].
Protein (NP_002719)
Bone marrow proteoglycan 2
Bone marrow proteoglycan (BMPG) (Proteoglycan 2) [Cleaved into: Eosinophil granule major basic protein (EMBP) (MBP) (Pregnancy-associated major basic protein)]
proteoglycan 2, pro eosinophil major basic protein
C-type lectin
C-type - CTLD/acidic neck
a/b mixed / C-type lectin-like
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Model Confidence:
  •    Very high (pLDDT > 90)
  •    Confident (90 > pLDDT > 70)
  •    Low (70 > pLDDT > 50)
  •    Very low (pLDDT < 50)

  AlphaFold produces a per-residue confidence score (pLDDT) between 0 and 100. Some regions with low pLDDT may be unstructured in isolation.

Glycan ligands from structural data
No crystal structures of complexes with glycan ligand.
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All isoforms of this gene containing a lectin domain
NP_001289855.1, NP_001289856.1, NP_002719.3, NP_001230174.1
RNA (Transcript ID: NM_002728.6)
proteoglycan 2, pro eosinophil major basic protein, transcript variant 1
  • Coding region
DNA (Gene ID: 5553)
proteoglycan 2, pro eosinophil major basic protein
strand -
NCBI CDS gene sequence (669 bp)
NCBI CDS gene sequence with introns (location: 57387475.. 57389944) (2470 bp)Download
NCBI CDS gene sequence with introns, 5'UTR and 3'UTR (location: 57386780.. 57390650) (3871 bp)Download
NCBI gene sequence (location: [57386780.. 57390650 + 1000]) (4871 bp)Download
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