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The protein encoded by this gene is a glycoprotein, belonging to the pentraxin family of proteins, which has a characteristic pentameric organization. These family members have considerable sequence homology which is thought to be the result of gene duplication. The binding of the encoded protein to proteins in the pathological amyloid cross-beta fold suggests its possible role as a chaperone. This protein is also thought to control the degradation of chromatin. It has been demonstrated that this protein binds to apoptotic cells at an early stage, which raises the possibility that it is involved in dealing with apoptotic cells in vivo. [provided by RefSeq, Sep 2008].
Protein (NP_001630)
SAP - Serum amyloid P-component
Serum amyloid P-component (SAP) (9.5S alpha-1-glycoprotein) [Cleaved into: Serum amyloid P-component(1-203)]
amyloid P component, serum
L-Type Lectins
b-sandwich / ConA-like
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  •    Very high (pLDDT > 90)
  •    Confident (90 > pLDDT > 70)
  •    Low (70 > pLDDT > 50)
  •    Very low (pLDDT < 50)

  AlphaFold produces a per-residue confidence score (pLDDT) between 0 and 100. Some regions with low pLDDT may be unstructured in isolation.

Glycan ligands from structural data
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RNA (Transcript ID: NM_001639.4)
amyloid P component, serum
  • Coding region
DNA (Gene ID: 325)
amyloid P component, serum
strand +
SAP, PTX2, MGC88159
NCBI CDS gene sequence (672 bp)
NCBI CDS gene sequence with introns (location: 159587922.. 159588708) (787 bp)Download
NCBI CDS gene sequence with introns, 5'UTR and 3'UTR (location: 159587826.. 159588865) (1040 bp)Download
NCBI gene sequence (location: [159587826 - 1000].. 159588865) (2040 bp)Download
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