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The recognition of complex carbohydrate structures on glycoproteins is an important part of several biological processes, including cell-cell recognition, serum glycoprotein turnover, and neutralization of pathogens. The protein encoded by this gene is a type I membrane receptor that mediates the endocytosis of glycoproteins by macrophages. The protein has been shown to bind high-mannose structures on the surface of potentially pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and fungi so that they can be neutralized by phagocytic engulfment.[provided by RefSeq, Sep 2015].
Protein (NP_002429)
CysR - macrophage mannose receptor
Macrophage mannose receptor 1 (MMR) (CD antigen 206)
mannose receptor C-type 1
Cys-rich man-receptor
Cys-rich man-receptor
Sulfated GalNAc
The macrophage mannose receptor contains an N-terminal Cys-rich man-receptor domain adopting a beta trefoil fold followed by eight repeats of a C-type lectin domain classified as mixed alpha/beta. Exceptionally, this lectin therefore belongs to two distinct classes
Protein sequence and protein families
No protein sequence available.
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Structural models
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  •    Very high (pLDDT > 90)
  •    Confident (90 > pLDDT > 70)
  •    Low (70 > pLDDT > 50)
  •    Very low (pLDDT < 50)

  AlphaFold produces a per-residue confidence score (pLDDT) between 0 and 100. Some regions with low pLDDT may be unstructured in isolation.

Glycan ligands from structural data
No crystal structures of complexes with glycan ligand.
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RNA (Transcript ID: NM_002438.4)
mannose receptor C-type 1
DNA (Gene ID: 4360)
mannose receptor C-type 1
strand +
CLEC13D, CD206, bA541I19.1, CLEC13DL
NCBI CDS gene sequence with introns (location: 17809466.. 17910465) (101000 bp)Download
NCBI CDS gene sequence with introns, 5'UTR and 3'UTR (location: 17809348.. 17911164) (101817 bp)Download
NCBI gene sequence (location: [17809348 - 1000].. 17911164) (102817 bp)Download
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