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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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(A37 TRP-A117 CYS), (A79 TRP-A117 CYS), (A82 LEU-A93 TRP), (A30 PHE-A141 VAL), (A87 LYS-A116 TYR), (A30 PHE-A67 LEU), (A49 SER-A144 PHE), (A47 MET-A144 PHE), (A53 VAL-A141 VAL), (A30 PHE-A68 ILE), (A28 TYR-A53 VAL), (A116 TYR-A116 TYR), (A68 ILE-A78 VAL), (A68 ILE-A123 CYS), (A56 LEU-A56 LEU), (A106 THR-A107 GLY), (A91 TRP-A131 ASP), (A120 LEU-A129 TRP), (A21 ASN-A67 LEU), (A68 ILE-A69 LYS), (A24 ARG-A26 TYR), (A73 THR-A74 ASP)
A88 ASN, A18 GLU, A16 CYS
A56 LEU, A69 LYS, A86 LYS, A102 LYS
A82 LEU, A16 CYS, A144 PHE
0 / 1181
23 / 1603
A21 ASN, (A16 CYS-A17 PRO), A63 PHE, A46 ASN, A74 ASP, A121 THR, A30 PHE, A77 ASN, A82 LEU, A126 PHE, A140 PHE, A88 ASN, A113 ASN, A127 LYS, A83 HIS, (A121 THR-A122 SER), A31 ASN, A144 PHE, A92 HIS, A79 TRP
1 / 6
(A108 SER-A109 PRO)
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