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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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(A205 HIS-A209 TYR), (A119 LEU-A126 TYR), (A105 TRP-A188 ARG), (A56 ARG-A63 PHE), (A186 TYR-A188 ARG), (A117 PHE-A128 LEU), (A111 TYR-A135 GLY), (A40 PHE-A52 ILE), (A111 TYR-A137 VAL), (A56 ARG-A214 VAL), (A13 LEU-A24 TYR), (A59 GLY-A186 TYR), (A144 TYR-A175 ASN), (A20 ILE-A21 SER), (A202 TYR-A202 TYR), (A116 HIS-A118 VAL), (A7 ILE-A16 LYS), (A118 VAL-A119 LEU), (A58 SER-A186 TYR), (A26 LEU-A26 LEU)
A17 ASN, A139 ASN, A34 SER
A7 ILE, A57 LYS, A168 ARG, A217 LYS, A26 LEU, A60 LEU
A66 ASP, A32 LEU, A168 ARG
1 / 1881
A188 ARG
48 / 2543
(A188 ARG-A189 LEU), A63 PHE, (A31 PHE-A32 LEU), A179 ASP, A145 HIS, A129 PHE, A66 ASP, A85 ASN, (A34 SER-A35 PRO), A30 ASP, A31 PHE, (A189 LEU-A190 GLY), A175 ASN, A159 ASN, A157 ASN, (A141 ALA-A142 LEU), A187 TYR, A108 ASN, A222 ASP, A80 ASP, A9 ASP, A195 HIS, A29 ASP, A32 LEU, A139 ASN, A116 HIS, A55 ARG, A72 GLN, A205 HIS, A192 HIS, A126 TYR, A89 HIS, A87 HIS, A136 ASN, A162 ASP, A35 PRO, (A135 GLY-A136 ASN), A138 GLY, (A62 SER-A63 PHE), A197 ASP, A147 ASN, A81 PHE, A193 ASN
1 / 216
(A176 CYS-A177 CYS)
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