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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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MolProbity Results
(A163 CYS-A173 PHE), (A193 TYR-A194 LYS), (A203 PHE-A204 LYS), (A116 PHE-A118 LEU), (A51 ILE-A86 VAL), (A13 ILE-A39 CYS), (A6 VAL-A7 PHE), (A186 TYR-A190 ASP), (A129 VAL-A130 VAL), (A143 VAL-A178 LEU), (A130 VAL-A131 GLY), (A138 ARG-A202 TYR), (A186 TYR-A186 TYR), (A72 PHE-A72 PHE), (A28 VAL-A29 SER), (A51 ILE-A52 GLN)
A139 GLN, A131 GLY, A188 ALA
A69 LYS, A142 LEU, A36 LYS, A144 LEU, A176 CYS, A92 ARG, A199 ARG, A47 ARG, A220 LEU
1 / 1817
A137 GLY
33 / 2457
A61 PHE, A202 TYR, A7 PHE, A146 ASN, (A130 VAL-A131 GLY), A186 TYR, A196 ASP, A64 ASN, (A138 ARG-A139 GLN), A67 ASP, (A192 LYS-A193 TYR), A221 ASP, A220 LEU, A113 TYR, (A134 GLY-A135 SER), A122 ASN, A182 ASN, A115 HIS, A117 HIS, A187 HIS, A201 HIS, A158 HIS, A79 HIS, A87 HIS, A107 HIS, A68 TYR, A125 TYR, (A166 VAL-A167 MET), (A60 ASN-A61 PHE), (A50 LEU-A51 ILE), A38 PHE, A156 ASN, A174 ASP
1 / 215
(A175 ALA-A176 CYS)
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