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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

Ramachandran Plots
MolProbity Results
(A208 PRO-A216 GLY), (A201 GLY-A203 PHE), (A191 TYR-A195 TYR), (A209 GLY-A216 GLY), (A168 CYS-A178 PHE), (A203 PHE-A218 TYR), (A59 THR-A61 PHE), (A48 TRP-A96 ILE), (A211 SER-A219 LYS), (A142 PHE-A147 ASN), (A207 TRP-A216 GLY), (A7 TYR-A16 ILE), (A204 TRP-A216 GLY), (A54 ARG-A61 PHE), (A132 TYR-A133 ASN), (A209 GLY-A217 GLY), (A99 ILE-A204 TRP), (A144 LYS-A149 ASP), (A35 PHE-A37 VAL), (A207 TRP-A222 PHE), (A204 TRP-A222 PHE), (A142 PHE-A148 HIS), (A208 PRO-A222 PHE), (A2 VAL-A5 LEU), (A203 PHE-A220 SER), (A171 TYR-A172 TYR), (A143 ASN-A148 HIS), (A205 GLY-A216 GLY), (A6 ILE-A7 TYR), (A199 ARG-A218 TYR), (A129 VAL-A130 GLY), (A193 GLN-A194 LYS), (A95 MET-A229 ILE), (A205 GLY-A217 GLY), (A163 TYR-A179 ASP), (A51 LEU-A51 LEU), (A142 PHE-A142 PHE), (A210 VAL-A218 TYR), (A121 GLU-A125 TYR), (A123 LEU-A152 PHE), (A119 ALA-A123 LEU), (A207 TRP-A207 TRP), (A13 TYR-A25 ARG), (A6 ILE-A27 THR)
A207 TRP, A211 SER, A215 PRO, A217 GLY, A193 GLN
A51 LEU, A101 LEU, A151 LYS, A127 LEU, A181 CYS, A229 ILE, A182 LEU, A91 LYS, A194 LYS
A148 HIS, A215 PRO, A149 ASP, A147 ASN, A191 TYR, A208 PRO, A129 VAL, A29 ASP, A222 PHE, A88 LEU
7 / 1986
A209 GLY-A210 VAL, A219 LYS, A216 GLY, A215 PRO, A161 ASP, A160 ASN
70 / 2685
(A209 GLY-A210 VAL), A61 PHE, A148 HIS, A208 PRO, A104 PHE, A160 ASN, A7 TYR, (A142 PHE-A143 ASN), A152 PHE, (A147 ASN-A148 HIS), (A218 TYR-A219 LYS), (A163 TYR-A164 PRO), (A208 PRO-A209 GLY), A79 PHE, A149 ASP, A203 PHE, A14 TYR, (A204 TRP-A205 GLY), A191 TYR, A133 ASN, A122 PHE, A67 ASP, A222 PHE, A219 LYS, A216 GLY, (A214 HIS-A215 PRO), (A145 HIS-A146 TYR), A187 ASN, A163 TYR, (A215 PRO-A216 GLY), A32 ASN, A13 TYR, A105 ASN, A172 TYR, A147 ASN, (A30 PRO-A31 LYS), (A143 ASN-A144 LYS), A192 HIS, A214 HIS, A12 ASP, A88 LEU, A233 HIS, A145 HIS, A128 HIS, A74 ASN, A87 HIS, A4 HIS, A215 PRO, A83 ASN, A193 GLN, (A207 TRP-A208 PRO), A195 TYR, (A166 GLY-A167 ASN), (A130 GLY-A131 ASN), A209 GLY, (A206 THR-A207 TRP), (A216 GLY-A217 GLY), A22 GLU, A68 TYR, A167 ASN, A200 ASN, A144 LYS, A120 ASN
1 / 225
(A180 ALA-A181 CYS)
1 / 225
(A215 PRO-A216 GLY)
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