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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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(A71 TYR-A74 GLU), (A5 PHE-A8 LYS), (A11 TYR-A166 MET), (A152 LEU-A161 PHE), (A31 THR-A145 PHE), (A71 TYR-A73 VAL), (A19 VAL-A116 PHE), (A2 SER-A174 CYS), (A7 ASN-A144 SER), (A65 HIS-A108 LEU), (A104 ILE-A105 ILE), (A51 LEU-A76 ILE), (A12 LEU-A14 ILE), (A5 PHE-A149 ILE), (A60 TYR-A93 LEU), (A86 LEU-A95 LEU), (A116 PHE-A117 ASP), (A6 ILE-A8 LYS), (A49 VAL-A86 LEU), (A73 VAL-A74 GLU)
A118 SER, A170 ILE, A6 ILE
A8 LYS, A46 HIS, A9 GLU, A171 LEU, A55 ARG, A14 ILE, A158 LEU, A170 ILE, A83 ILE
4 / 1355
A47 ILE-A48 ALA, A5 PHE-A6 ILE, A46 HIS-A47 ILE, A48 ALA-A49 VAL
25 / 1840
A81 PHE, A115 ASN, A151 ASN, A90 ASP, (A118 SER-A119 PRO), (A5 PHE-A6 ILE), (A47 ILE-A48 ALA), A34 ASP, A130 ASN, A7 ASN, A80 ASN, A117 ASP, A141 ASN, (A45 ASP-A46 HIS), (A107 ASN-A108 LEU), A4 ASN, A46 HIS, A24 ASN, A146 HIS, A43 ASP, A65 HIS, A82 HIS, A32 ASP, A77 ASN, A107 ASN
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