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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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(A82 TYR-A142 TRP), (A135 VAL-A142 TRP), (A114 TRP-A124 ARG), (A82 TYR-A156 ILE), (A104 TYR-A117 THR), (A115 LYS-A142 TRP), (A104 TYR-A115 LYS), (A114 TRP-A141 TRP), (A90 PHE-A153 LEU), (A82 TYR-A89 TYR), (A55 SER-A155 TYR), (A46 MET-A78 PHE), (A61 TRP-A92 ASN), (A114 TRP-A122 ARG), (A126 TYR-A127 ALA), (A71 LEU-A73 SER), (A92 ASN-A104 TYR), (A91 LEU-A142 TRP), (A46 MET-A52 PHE), (A126 TYR-A146 SER), (A44 TRP-A53 TYR), (A113 ASP-A141 TRP), (A76 ALA-A142 TRP), (A78 PHE-A82 TYR), (A121 GLN-A122 ARG), (A46 MET-A47 HIS), (A68 CYS-A71 LEU), (A88 TYR-A135 VAL), (A140 SER-A141 TRP), (A78 PHE-A142 TRP), (A117 THR-A118 ASP), (A143 THR-A144 LEU), (A2 THR-A3 LYS), (A91 LEU-A104 TYR), (A114 TRP-A114 TRP), (A108 LEU-A116 LEU), (A45 ILE-A45 ILE), (A61 TRP-A104 TYR), (A89 TYR-A154 PRO), (A114 TRP-A123 THR), (A78 PHE-A80 GLU), (A134 LYS-A153 LEU), (A98 GLY-A103 SER)
A100 SER, A33 CYS, A110 SER, A31 PHE, A112 LYS, A46 MET, A32 THR, A39 CYS, A141 TRP, A128 GLN
A108 LEU, A158 GLU, A23 MET, A116 LEU, A46 MET, A45 ILE, A156 ILE, A62 GLN, A112 LYS, A71 LEU, A114 TRP, A115 LYS
A122 ARG, A71 LEU, A46 MET, A104 TYR
0 / 1343
37 / 1817
A82 TYR, (A115 LYS-A116 LEU), A78 PHE, (A120 THR-A121 GLN), A122 ARG, A52 PHE, A46 MET, (A136 HIS-A137 LYS), (A142 TRP-A143 THR), (A77 THR-A78 PHE), (A90 PHE-A91 LEU), A133 ASN, (A108 LEU-A109 SER), A104 TYR, (A30 PHE-A31 PHE), (A38 THR-A39 CYS), A30 PHE, A31 PHE, A136 HIS, A47 HIS, A71 LEU, A86 HIS, A113 ASP, A25 ASN, (A141 TRP-A142 TRP), A88 TYR, A142 TRP, (A113 ASP-A114 TRP), A102 ASN, A39 CYS, A119 ASP, A115 LYS, A63 GLU, (A100 SER-A101 GLY), (A103 SER-A104 TYR), (A94 LEU-A95 LEU)
Results obtained using MolProbity version 4.4
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