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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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(A51 TYR-A59 LEU), (A155 TYR-A156 ASN), (A104 TRP-A111 ILE), (A14 TYR-A193 LEU), (A11 SER-A14 TYR), (A70 PHE-A79 LEU), (A62 PHE-A148 VAL), (A123 PRO-A126 SER), (A101 CYS-A172 LEU), (A162 PHE-A164 MET), (A78 CYS-A115 PHE), (A42 GLU-A93 PHE), (A49 PHE-A124 CYS), (A159 LEU-A180 VAL), (A83 ALA-A88 GLU), (A32 LEU-A157 PHE), (A1 ARG-A2 ASN), (A54 ALA-A56 PHE), (A104 TRP-A119 TYR), (A51 TYR-A122 VAL), (A71 LEU-A115 PHE), (A111 ILE-A115 PHE), (A28 SER-A104 TRP)
A26 GLU, A43 ASP, A115 PHE, A67 SER, A127 THR, A128 ILE, A84 LEU, A113 VAL
A172 LEU, A87 LYS, A201 LEU, A32 LEU, A135 ASN, A79 LEU, A1 ARG, A116 LYS, A144 GLN, A137 LYS
1 / 1623
A113 VAL-A114 ASN
39 / 2202
(A112 GLY-A113 VAL), A93 PHE, A187 PHE, A192 ASN, A62 PHE, A70 PHE, A97 PHE, A143 ASN, A34 PHE, A81 ASN, A157 PHE, A189 ASN, A156 ASN, A125 ASP, (A24 ILE-A25 PRO), (A113 VAL-A114 ASN), A200 ASN, A51 TYR, A162 PHE, A112 GLY, A115 PHE, A113 VAL, A135 ASN, A145 ASN, A56 PHE, A91 ASP, A43 ASP, (A83 ALA-A84 LEU), A119 TYR, A111 ILE, A45 ASP, (A94 ALA-A95 GLU), A41 HIS, A79 LEU, A179 ASN, A171 ASN, (A127 THR-A128 ILE), A132 ILE, (A85 PRO-A86 VAL)
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