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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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(A58 PHE-A171 PHE), (A43 THR-A171 PHE), (A118 TRP-A120 LEU), (A174 TRP-A194 GLU), (A58 PHE-A60 VAL), (A11 ARG-A200 TRP), (A208 THR-A209 PRO), (A171 PHE-A173 LEU), (A87 VAL-A118 TRP), (A119 ALA-A121 PHE), (A176 ARG-A176 ARG), (A72 ARG-A84 ALA), (A65 LEU-A65 LEU), (A76 GLU-A77 PRO), (A44 HIS-A106 HIS), (A194 GLU-A195 GLY), (A88 ARG-A111 TRP), (A80 VAL-A82 ARG), (A37 ALA-A111 TRP), (A26 ALA-A208 THR), (A45 VAL-A168 LEU), (A196 LEU-A196 LEU), (A173 LEU-A173 LEU), (A40 THR-A178 LEU), (A169 THR-A170 ASP), (A111 TRP-A137 HIS), (A16 LEU-A200 TRP), (A55 ALA-A74 PHE)
A81 VAL, A34 PRO, A88 ARG, A194 GLU, A77 PRO, A52 PRO, A35 GLU, A74 PHE, A208 THR, A189 CYS
A57 LEU, A11 ARG, A173 LEU, A183 LEU, A65 LEU, A126 ARG, A194 GLU
A47 TRP, A201 ASP, A94 PHE
1 / 1638
39 / 2235
A121 PHE, A198 PHE, (A81 VAL-A82 ARG), A152 ASP, A18 PHE, (A201 ASP-A202 PRO), (A32 PRO-A33 LEU), A73 ALA, (A79 GLY-A80 VAL), (A208 THR-A209 PRO), A82 ARG, A150 ASP, A101 ASP, (A91 HIS-A92 ALA), A47 TRP, A77 PRO, A123 ASP, A72 ARG, A158 PHE, A170 ASP, (A75 ALA-A76 GLU), A171 PHE, A184 HIS, (A73 ALA-A74 PHE), A206 ASP, A91 HIS, A106 HIS, A44 HIS, A105 HIS, A162 HIS, A172 HIS, A137 HIS, A83 ALA, A94 PHE, (A74 PHE-A75 ALA), A66 PRO, A202 PRO, (A50 ALA-A51 SER), A67 ASN
Results obtained using MolProbity version 4.4
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