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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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MolProbity Results
(A3 PHE-A185 TRP), (A76 ILE-A101 TRP), (A3 PHE-A5 LEU), (A159 TYR-A161 LEU), (A33 TRP-A35 LYS), (A18 LEU-A188 PHE), (A33 TRP-A89 HIS), (A157 TRP-A177 LEU), (A188 PHE-A190 SER), (A87 TRP-A203 ILE), (A42 TYR-A43 GLY), (A13 TYR-A14 GLY), (A3 PHE-A198 ILE), (A68 LEU-A101 TRP), (A101 TRP-A103 VAL), (A161 LEU-A177 LEU), (A169 LEU-A177 LEU), (A103 VAL-A105 ILE), (A59 LEU-A69 TYR), (A15 TYR-A141 PHE), (A15 TYR-A193 VAL), (A101 TRP-A101 TRP), (A157 TRP-A176 GLU), (A22 LEU-A22 LEU), (A13 TYR-A15 TYR), (A128 LEU-A128 LEU), (A59 LEU-A60 LEU), (A204 PHE-A204 PHE), (A116 LEU-A116 LEU), (A166 VAL-A167 LYS), (A159 TYR-A159 TYR), (A198 ILE-A198 ILE), (A76 ILE-A76 ILE), (A63 TYR-A63 TYR), (A12 ILE-A12 ILE), (A158 ASP-A159 TYR), (A76 ILE-A114 ALA)
A112 GLY, A58 LEU, A55 ASP, A177 LEU
A12 ILE, A28 LEU, A196 VAL, A203 ILE, A76 ILE, A90 ILE, A60 LEU, A137 LYS
A177 LEU, A5 LEU, A169 LEU
0 / 1600
39 / 2178
(A176 GLU-A177 LEU), A135 ASP, (A177 LEU-A178 SER), (A42 TYR-A43 GLY), A56 ASN, A176 GLU, A178 SER, A177 LEU, A3 PHE, A39 ASP, A34 MET, A204 PHE, A38 ASP, A199 ASP, A174 PRO, (A52 ASN-A53 GLY), A7 PHE, A169 LEU, A78 ASN, A64 ASN, A141 PHE, A5 LEU, A83 ASN, A62 ASP, A98 ASN, A26 HIS, A88 HIS, A19 ASP, A159 TYR, A89 HIS, A71 ASN, A54 SER, A84 ASP, (A59 LEU-A60 LEU), A113 GLY, (A35 LYS-A36 SER), A175 GLU
1 / 195
(A84 ASP-A85 GLY)
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