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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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MolProbity Results
(A13 TYR-A142 PHE), (A93 ILE-A102 TRP), (A33 TRP-A90 HIS), (A130 ILE-A142 PHE), (A29 THR-A158 TRP), (A26 TYR-A97 THR), (A70 LEU-A102 TRP), (A133 GLN-A142 PHE), (A59 VAL-A61 LEU), (A47 PHE-A129 LEU), (A61 LEU-A71 LEU), (A32 MET-A155 PHE), (A89 HIS-A91 ILE), (A130 ILE-A135 GLN), (A170 ILE-A171 ALA), (A70 LEU-A72 ILE), (A90 HIS-A171 ALA), (A189 VAL-A190 GLU), (A76 VAL-A77 ALA), (A36 SER-A148 PHE), (A59 VAL-A71 LEU), (A167 VAL-A168 LEU), (A111 GLN-A112 GLY), (A14 MET-A195 ALA), (A202 VAL-A203 CYS), (A9 ILE-A9 ILE), (A89 HIS-A106 GLN), (A97 THR-A98 ARG), (A20 LYS-A20 LYS), (A117 LEU-A117 LEU), (A15 TYR-A17 ARG), (A101 LEU-A114 GLY), (A200 PHE-A200 PHE), (A60 LEU-A60 LEU), (A94 ALA-A102 TRP)
A115 GLU, A64 GLY, A66 GLU, A67 PRO
A117 LEU, A79 LEU, A83 LEU, A10 ARG, A19 ARG, A9 ILE, A14 MET, A170 ILE, A34 LEU, A20 LYS, A71 LEU
4 / 1614
A12 ASN, A13 TYR, A114 GLY, A66 GLU-A67 PRO
37 / 2202
A13 TYR, A136 ASP, A56 ASN, (A12 ASN-A13 TYR), A155 PHE, (A21 ALA-A22 LEU), A148 PHE, A172 ASN, A192 PHE, (A171 ALA-A172 ASN), (A124 LYS-A125 PRO), A12 ASN, A74 ASP, (A53 GLY-A54 GLN), (A113 SER-A114 GLY), A85 ASP, A200 PHE, A116 ASN, A144 ALA, A159 ASP, A121 HIS, A1 ASP, A90 HIS, A126 HIS, A65 HIS, A160 HIS, (A13 TYR-A14 MET), A70 LEU, A201 ASP, A89 HIS, (A36 SER-A37 ARG), A130 ILE, A33 TRP, A99 ASP, A186 ASP
Results obtained using MolProbity version 4.4
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