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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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(A4 PHE-A17 TYR), (A4 PHE-A104 VAL), (A39 THR-A75 GLY), (A41 ASN-A74 TYR), (A11 TRP-A24 TYR), (A27 ASP-A32 LYS), (A95 CYS-A125 ILE), (A44 GLU-A73 PHE), (A3 CYS-A14 GLU), (A45 HIS-A72 HIS), (A67 VAL-A69 MET), (A89 VAL-A90 THR), (A20 HIS-A22 HIS), (A89 VAL-A118 LEU), (A57 TYR-A58 HIS), (A53 THR-A54 ALA), (A125 ILE-A126 CYS), (A39 THR-A74 TYR), (A2 TYR-A2 TYR), (A106 VAL-A107 TYR)
A39 THR, A126 CYS, A98 SER, A33 THR
A39 THR, A50 LYS, A46 ILE, A117 ILE, A125 ILE
0 / 1071
20 / 1453
A4 PHE, A73 PHE, A81 ASP, (A66 THR-A67 VAL), A29 ASP, A52 ASN, A62 ASP, A49 ALA, A41 ASN, A99 ASP, A78 ASP, A22 HIS, A45 HIS, A20 HIS, A102 HIS, A25 HIS, A72 HIS, A112 HIS, A58 HIS, A61 ASP
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