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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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MolProbity Results
(A135 PHE-A137 PHE), (A220 TRP-A328 TRP), (A33 TYR-A52 GLY), (A147 PHE-A148 GLU), (A74 PHE-A347 LEU), (A237 TRP-A314 TRP), (A220 TRP-A222 GLU), (A34 ASP-A41 GLU), (A33 TYR-A54 VAL), (A126 LYS-A131 TYR), (A31 SER-A37 TRP), (A32 ILE-A39 ILE), (A136 ILE-A151 HIS), (A37 TRP-A53 LEU), (A33 TYR-A365 TYR), (A33 TYR-A35 GLY), (A37 TRP-A54 VAL), (A216 LYS-A220 TRP), (A150 LYS-A199 VAL), (A141 HIS-A148 GLU), (A216 LYS-A217 PRO), (A275 TRP-A283 TRP), (A220 TRP-A325 GLN), (A26 MET-A55 LEU), (A29 GLU-A37 TRP), (A37 TRP-A55 LEU), (A370 ILE-A381 TRP), (A102 ALA-A119 ILE), (A55 LEU-A61 HIS), (A144 THR-A145 GLY), (A138 ARG-A143 LYS), (A226 ILE-A227 PRO), (A185 VAL-A190 VAL), (A142 PRO-A147 PHE), (A16 TRP-A16 TRP), (A18 LEU-A27 ASP), (A53 LEU-A64 ILE), (A136 ILE-A149 GLU), (A256 TRP-A268 ASN), (A171 TYR-A185 VAL), (A37 TRP-A61 HIS), (A145 GLY-A151 HIS), (A135 PHE-A135 PHE), (A33 TYR-A40 GLU), (A32 ILE-A38 GLU), (A380 HIS-A381 TRP), (A262 LYS-A263 PHE), (A263 PHE-A287 GLN), (A288 ILE-A289 LEU), (A32 ILE-A53 LEU), (A141 HIS-A142 PRO), (A324 TYR-A324 TYR), (A67 VAL-A68 LEU), (A262 LYS-A266 ASP), (A108 ILE-A111 ASN), (A118 TYR-A118 TYR), (A30 ILE-A37 TRP), (A251 VAL-A252 LYS), (A33 TYR-A33 TYR), (A107 LEU-A107 LEU), (A111 ASN-A113 TYR), (A338 TYR-A339 PHE), (A163 PHE-A163 PHE), (A33 TYR-A34 ASP), (A216 LYS-A328 TRP), (A101 LEU-A101 LEU), (A300 TRP-A302 PRO), (A112 PHE-A112 PHE), (A153 LYS-A200 VAL), (A6 GLU-A8 PHE), (A26 MET-A57 SER), (A40 GLU-A51 ARG), (A135 PHE-A173 LEU)
A344 PRO, A34 ASP, A342 ASP, A63 ALA, A31 SER, A4 PHE, A62 HIS, A140 LYS, A147 PHE, A64 ILE, A157 VAL, A289 LEU, A230 SER, A343 HIS, A60 LYS, A36 ARG, A141 HIS, A265 PRO
A61 HIS, A22 LYS, A332 LYS, A315 ARG, A196 LEU, A12 ARG, A318 LEU, A58 ARG, A53 LEU, A98 ILE, A37 TRP, A107 LEU, A136 ILE, A60 LYS, A143 LYS, A207 LYS, A244 GLN, A347 LEU
A37 TRP, A32 ILE, A137 PHE, A265 PRO, A40 GLU, A34 ASP, A33 TYR, A288 ILE, A84 GLU, A178 ASP, A201 PRO, A74 PHE, A55 LEU, A142 PRO, A56 LYS, A110 GLU, A135 PHE
15 / 3264
A35 GLY-A36 ARG, A36 ARG, A35 GLY, A32 ILE, A36 ARG-A37 TRP, A33 TYR, A146 VAL-A147 PHE, A204 LYS-A205 PRO, A31 SER-A32 ILE, A38 GLU-A39 ILE, A34 ASP, A265 PRO-A266 ASP, A38 GLU, A294 ARG-A295 ILE
122 / 4448
(A33 TYR-A34 ASP), (A38 GLU-A39 ILE), A37 TRP, (A34 ASP-A35 GLY), A74 PHE, (A32 ILE-A33 TYR), (A36 ARG-A37 TRP), (A35 GLY-A36 ARG), (A95 GLY-A96 ALA), A266 ASP, (A342 ASP-A343 HIS), A137 PHE, A268 ASN, A163 PHE, (A264 ILE-A265 PRO), A87 PHE, (A140 LYS-A141 HIS), A33 TYR, A339 PHE, A34 ASP, (A313 VAL-A314 TRP), A264 ILE, A8 PHE, A136 ILE, A345 PHE, A39 ILE, (A287 GLN-A288 ILE), (A286 PRO-A287 GLN), A25 ASP, A321 ASN, A4 PHE, A263 PHE, A151 HIS, A32 ILE, A258 ASP, A280 ASP, A198 ASP, A287 GLN, A306 ASP, A26 MET, A111 ASN, A350 PHE, A323 ASN, A89 ASP, A54 VAL, A213 ASN, A220 TRP, A384 ASP, A36 ARG, A363 ASP, A84 GLU, A325 GLN, A138 ARG, A178 ASP, (A28 GLU-A29 GLU), A110 GLU, A274 ASP, A259 ASP, (A145 GLY-A146 VAL), (A263 PHE-A264 ILE), (A137 PHE-A138 ARG), A106 ASP, A176 ASN, A50 ASP, (A339 PHE-A340 GLU), A158 ASP, A35 GLY, A367 ASP, A139 HIS, A45 ASN, A31 SER, A103 ASP, A380 HIS, A141 HIS, (A12 ARG-A13 LEU), A62 HIS, A169 HIS, A379 ASP, A282 GLU, A343 HIS, A134 HIS, A181 PHE, (A19 SER-A20 LYS), A61 HIS, (A146 VAL-A147 PHE), A337 ASP, (A75 ALA-A76 ASP), A314 TRP, (A30 ILE-A31 SER), A368 ASN, A145 GLY, (A222 GLU-A223 ARG), (A110 GLU-A111 ASN), A208 GLU, A201 PRO, A199 VAL, A229 PRO, (A57 SER-A58 ARG), A265 PRO, A76 ASP
Results obtained using MolProbity version 4.4
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