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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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(A220 VAL-A229 CYS), (A295 SER-A297 PHE), (A221 LEU-A341 PHE), (A230 ILE-A251 PHE), (A45 PHE-A107 MET), (A266 ILE-A289 TRP), (A202 TYR-A206 VAL), (A115 MET-A159 TRP), (A320 PHE-A321 SER), (A222 ILE-A242 CYS), (A217 ALA-A341 PHE), (A233 GLU-A264 TRP), (A114 TRP-A120 ILE), (A210 LEU-A211 ARG), (A230 ILE-A237 VAL), (A145 MET-A148 VAL), (A226 LEU-A336 TYR), (A153 VAL-A181 VAL), (A220 VAL-A222 ILE), (A175 ILE-A176 ASP), (A326 LYS-A327 VAL), (A114 TRP-A206 VAL), (A275 VAL-A325 LEU), (A44 ILE-A45 PHE), (A294 THR-A295 SER), (A214 ILE-A215 VAL), (A230 ILE-A231 SER), (A207 PHE-A210 LEU), (A46 VAL-A47 TRP), (A113 VAL-A114 TRP), (A238 ILE-A239 LEU), (A155 VAL-A156 ALA), (A240 GLU-A241 ASP), (A89 PHE-A92 LEU), (A1 ASN-A4 TRP), (A148 VAL-A149 GLU), (A318 GLY-A336 TYR), (A307 PHE-A308 GLU), (A130 HIS-A132 PHE), (A138 TYR-A138 TYR), (A86 LYS-A90 PHE)
A296 VAL, A270 PRO, A285 LYS, A306 VAL, A247 GLU, A32 MET, A246 LYS, A66 ILE, A333 VAL, A323 LYS, A302 VAL
A277 LEU, A203 LEU, A177 GLN, A210 LEU, A214 ILE, A92 LEU, A237 VAL, A184 LEU, A112 LYS, A133 ARG, A323 LYS
4 / 2865
A230 ILE-A231 SER, A231 SER-A232 ILE, A217 ALA-A218 SER, A231 SER
53 / 3883
(A230 ILE-A231 SER), A140 PHE, (A217 ALA-A218 SER), A40 PHE, A134 ASN, A50 ASN, (A232 ILE-A233 GLU), A282 ASN, A161 ASP, A251 PHE, A167 PHE, (A233 GLU-A234 ASN), (A309 ASN-A310 ASN), A82 PHE, A205 ASN, A331 ASP, A341 PHE, A209 ASP, A29 ASP, A39 ASN, A284 ASN, A163 TYR, A311 GLN, A59 ASP, (A229 CYS-A230 ILE), A111 PHE, A90 PHE, (A319 ASN-A320 PHE), A170 HIS, A271 ASP, A298 HIS, A304 HIS, A306 VAL, A130 HIS, A281 ASP, A173 HIS, (A38 ASP-A39 ASN), A278 HIS, A291 HIS, A222 ILE, A1 ASN, A143 ASP, (A183 ASN-A184 LEU), A162 GLU, A307 PHE, A270 PRO, A151 ASN, A241 ASP, A336 TYR, A38 ASP, (A307 PHE-A308 GLU), (A285 LYS-A286 GLY), A136 ASN
Results obtained using MolProbity version 4.4
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