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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

Ramachandran Plots
MolProbity Results
(A48 TRP-A258 TYR), (A77 PHE-A79 GLY), (A247 MET-A342 TRP), (A246 ILE-A248 TYR), (A167 TYR-A174 ALA), (A22 ALA-A31 PHE), (A306 ILE-A313 TYR), (A107 ILE-A111 PHE), (A48 TRP-A271 ILE), (A208 TYR-A211 VAL), (A48 TRP-A165 ILE), (A168 ARG-A258 TYR), (A212 TYR-A273 LYS), (A31 PHE-A33 LYS), (A98 GLU-A153 ARG), (A24 ILE-A31 PHE), (A1 TRP-A2 LEU), (A13 TYR-A14 THR), (A231 LEU-A249 THR), (A43 ARG-A72 ILE), (A220 ILE-A261 TYR), (A331 VAL-A332 SER), (A77 PHE-A81 LEU), (A17 VAL-A123 MET), (A235 VAL-A269 HIS), (A31 PHE-A32 ASN), (A48 TRP-A270 ASN), (A178 LYS-A179 GLN), (A208 TYR-A210 GLU), (A81 LEU-A81 LEU), (A291 TYR-A291 TYR), (A204 LEU-A204 LEU), (A147 ILE-A148 ALA), (A277 LEU-A277 LEU), (A208 TYR-A208 TYR), (A33 LYS-A34 PRO), (A287 LYS-A288 ALA), (A246 ILE-A247 MET), (A306 ILE-A306 ILE), (A212 TYR-A272 GLN), (A216 LEU-A216 LEU), (A212 TYR-A271 ILE)
A211 VAL, A208 TYR, A335 PRO, A176 ILE, A37 TYR, A270 ASN, A172 ASP, A296 THR, A230 PRO, A35 SER, A33 LYS, A299 THR
A216 LEU, A308 LYS, A81 LEU, A120 LEU, A208 TYR, A292 LYS, A225 LYS, A303 ILE, A268 ARG
A271 ILE, A208 TYR, A212 TYR, A272 GLN, A296 THR, A182 PHE, A25 ASP, A178 LYS
1 / 2899
A270 ASN
75 / 3932
A140 PHE, (A270 ASN-A271 ILE), (A208 TYR-A209 PRO), A132 PHE, (A271 ILE-A272 GLN), A212 TYR, A208 TYR, A272 GLN, (A219 VAL-A220 ILE), A337 ASP, A79 GLY, A40 ASN, A82 PHE, (A177 VAL-A178 LYS), A199 ASN, A189 PHE, A314 ASN, A256 ASN, A239 ASN, A170 ASN, A31 PHE, (A79 GLY-A80 GLY), A160 ASP, A211 VAL, (A207 ILE-A208 TYR), A150 ASN, (A33 LYS-A34 PRO), A59 ASP, (A176 ILE-A177 VAL), (A184 ASP-A185 LEU), A200 PHE, A271 ILE, A96 ASP, A299 THR, A269 HIS, A238 ASN, A42 ASN, A162 TYR, (A174 ALA-A175 LYS), A206 ASN, (A279 ALA-A280 ALA), A327 HIS, A41 HIS, A251 HIS, A60 HIS, A67 ASP, A278 HIS, A20 ASP, A193 HIS, A347 ASN, A138 HIS, A273 LYS, A43 ARG, A265 HIS, A130 HIS, A105 GLU, A294 HIS, (A278 HIS-A279 ALA), A91 TYR, A70 TYR, A46 PHE, (A252 GLY-A253 LEU), (A35 SER-A36 PRO), A145 GLN, A259 PHE, A268 ARG, A32 ASN, (A24 ILE-A25 ASP)
Results obtained using MolProbity version 4.4
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