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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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(A248 ALA-A252 GLN), (A226 LEU-A336 TRP), (A225 CYS-A254 ALA), (A51 PHE-A106 PHE), (A239 LEU-A257 TRP), (A199 TYR-A203 VAL), (A219 ILE-A257 TRP), (A263 LEU-A270 CYS), (A4 TRP-A5 LEU), (A252 GLN-A256 ALA), (A273 ALA-A276 THR), (A221 GLN-A336 TRP), (A204 TYR-A204 TYR), (A45 PHE-A106 PHE), (A165 TYR-A209 VAL), (A219 ILE-A254 ALA), (A97 GLN-A153 ARG), (A278 MET-A296 LYS), (A299 TRP-A306 ILE), (A75 VAL-A76 ILE), (A274 THR-A275 SER), (A75 VAL-A106 PHE), (A308 HIS-A310 VAL), (A286 ILE-A287 LEU), (A317 THR-A318 LYS), (A8 MET-A20 VAL), (A93 LYS-A94 TYR), (A112 VAL-A113 TRP), (A191 MET-A193 CYS), (A183 THR-A184 ARG), (A8 MET-A22 PRO), (A233 THR-A234 ALA), (A200 LEU-A200 LEU), (A310 VAL-A311 SER), (A338 LEU-A338 LEU), (A255 GLN-A257 TRP), (A288 GLN-A289 MET), (A257 TRP-A265 GLN), (A234 ALA-A237 PHE), (A207 LEU-A208 THR), (A257 TRP-A264 ILE), (A135 HIS-A137 TYR)
A216 PRO, A204 TYR, A311 SER, A247 SER, A281 PRO, A320 ALA, A252 GLN, A249 LYS, A273 ALA, A294 GLU, A272 ALA, A255 GLN, A248 ALA, A254 ALA, A321 GLN
A42 ARG, A244 CYS, A322 LEU, A11 ARG, A145 LEU, A332 GLN, A55 GLN, A133 LYS, A189 LYS, A258 LEU
A277 LEU, A218 ILE, A178 PHE, A270 CYS, A255 GLN, A257 TRP, A42 ARG, A227 GLU, A204 TYR, A321 GLN
0 / 2786
63 / 3776
A106 PHE, A139 PHE, A277 LEU, (A204 TYR-A205 PRO), A305 PHE, A237 PHE, A218 ILE, A236 ASP, A131 PHE, A255 GLN, A253 PRO, A232 ASN, (A180 SER-A181 VAL), A261 ASP, A270 CYS, A162 TYR, A291 ASN, A143 ASN, (A217 GLY-A218 ILE), (A319 PRO-A320 ALA), A224 ASN, (A203 VAL-A204 TYR), A213 GLU, A42 ARG, A110 PHE, A257 TRP, A1 ASN, A248 ALA, (A275 SER-A276 THR), A196 PHE, A227 GLU, A150 ASN, (A205 PRO-A206 GLU), A308 HIS, A129 HIS, A90 HIS, A16 HIS, A135 HIS, A32 PHE, A160 ASP, A262 HIS, A320 ALA, (A252 GLN-A253 PRO), A80 ILE, A321 GLN, A50 HIS, A134 ARG, A15 ASP, (A254 ALA-A255 GLN), (A130 VAL-A131 PHE), A294 GLU, A256 ALA, A330 ASP, A51 PHE, A30 ASP, A25 ASP
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