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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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(A48 CYS-A82 TRP), (A146 LYS-A153 GLN), (A41 TYR-A55 LEU), (A109 LEU-A121 TYR), (A82 TRP-A142 LEU), (A19 LEU-A24 TRP), (A82 TRP-A83 VAL), (A24 TRP-A31 CYS), (A19 LEU-A20 CYS), (A30 ALA-A159 LYS), (A31 CYS-A148 VAL), (A145 GLU-A153 GLN), (A83 VAL-A137 SER), (A55 LEU-A82 TRP), (A119 CYS-A132 ALA), (A83 VAL-A138 MET), (A24 TRP-A147 PRO), (A148 VAL-A160 LYS), (A19 LEU-A149 VAL), (A51 LEU-A146 LYS), (A3 CYS-A17 ALA), (A9 GLN-A13 GLN), (A150 SER-A160 LYS), (A44 ALA-A82 TRP), (A109 LEU-A129 GLY), (A83 VAL-A84 GLY), (A131 LYS-A132 ALA), (A10 GLN-A13 GLN), (A112 GLU-A132 ALA), (A34 VAL-A35 ASN), (A47 TYR-A47 TYR), (A131 LYS-A139 ALA), (A109 LEU-A130 LEU), (A79 VAL-A80 SER), (A150 SER-A151 PRO), (A25 SER-A31 CYS), (A158 CYS-A168 CYS), (A138 MET-A139 ALA), (A85 LEU-A86 ARG), (A19 LEU-A160 LYS), (A120 ALA-A139 ALA), (A23 GLY-A24 TRP), (A71 ILE-A72 GLN), (A148 VAL-A152 ASN), (A1 LEU-A21 GLY)
A109 LEU, A133 ASN, A91 SER, A120 ALA, A156 ARG, A10 GLN, A23 GLY, A132 ALA, A138 MET, A151 PRO, A178 CYS, A6 ASP, A73 LYS, A90 ILE, A114 ASN, A19 LEU, A139 ALA, A150 SER
A55 LEU, A85 LEU, A24 TRP, A31 CYS, A109 LEU, A19 LEU, A138 MET, A82 TRP
A153 GLN, A151 PRO, A121 TYR, A31 CYS, A139 ALA, A148 VAL, A27 ILE, A152 ASN, A110 PRO, A47 TYR
13 / 1460
A151 PRO-A152 ASN, A152 ASN, A139 ALA-A140 ASN, A152 ASN-A153 GLN, A140 ASN-A141 GLY, A151 PRO, A158 CYS, A161 PRO, A32 LEU-A33 ARG, A82 TRP, A159 LYS, A140 ASN
68 / 1987
A153 GLN, (A120 ALA-A121 TYR), (A152 ASN-A153 GLN), (A164 LEU-A165 ARG), A152 ASN, (A140 ASN-A141 GLY), A151 PRO, (A109 LEU-A110 PRO), A139 ALA, (A139 ALA-A140 ASN), (A22 GLU-A23 GLY), (A151 PRO-A152 ASN), A150 SER, (A157 PRO-A158 CYS), (A159 LYS-A160 LYS), A118 PHE, (A20 CYS-A31 CYS), (A173 SER-A174 ASN), A157 PRO, A29 ASP, A148 VAL, A2 ASN, (A27 ILE-A28 GLY), A49 TYR, A6 ASP, A82 TRP, (A133 ASN-A134 PRO), A35 ASN, A154 ASN, A28 GLY, A27 ILE, (A135 CYS-A136 THR), (A136 THR-A137 SER), A160 LYS, A170 ASN, (A72 GLN-A73 LYS), A112 GLU, A31 CYS, A26 HIS, (A28 GLY-A29 ASP), (A32 LEU-A33 ARG), (A156 ARG-A157 PRO), A47 TYR, A18 HIS, (A71 ILE-A72 GLN), A159 LYS, (A147 PRO-A148 VAL), (A155 ALA-A156 ARG), (A137 SER-A138 MET), A114 ASN, A43 ASN, (A165 ARG-A166 THR), A121 TYR, A101 PHE, (A169 SER-A170 ASN), (A179 MET-A180 TRP), A142 LEU, (A73 LYS-A74 TYR)
1 / 10
(A112 GLU-A113 PRO)
1 / 172
(A138 MET-A139 ALA)
Results obtained using MolProbity version 4.4
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