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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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(A49 GLU-A53 GLU), (A45 LEU-A64 PHE), (A15 TYR-A103 CYS), (A65 TRP-A121 THR), (A38 GLN-A112 PHE), (A53 GLU-A64 PHE), (A9 SER-A125 TYR), (A70 TYR-A74 LYS), (A46 GLY-A53 GLU), (A46 GLY-A54 VAL), (A70 TYR-A70 TYR), (A68 LEU-A104 VAL), (A15 TYR-A66 ILE), (A72 THR-A73 ALA), (A45 LEU-A106 LEU), (A65 TRP-A123 ASN), (A55 ILE-A56 ASP), (A28 VAL-A29 LEU), (A112 PHE-A112 PHE), (A58 ASP-A59 PHE), (A47 ARG-A56 ASP), (A43 PHE-A56 ASP), (A6 PHE-A44 TYR)
A54 VAL, A60 GLU, A51 THR, A50 THR
A108 ALA, A57 SER
1 / 1134
38 / 1528
A108 ALA, A112 PHE, A90 PHE, A64 PHE, A129 PHE, (A54 VAL-A55 ILE), A100 PHE, A57 SER, (A58 ASP-A59 PHE), A6 PHE, (A107 GLN-A108 ALA), (A56 ASP-A57 SER), (A49 GLU-A50 THR), (A59 PHE-A60 GLU), A63 ASN, A77 PHE, (A45 LEU-A46 GLY), A56 ASP, A102 ASN, A59 PHE, A39 ASP, A52 ASN, A92 PHE, A97 ASN, (A75 ASP-A76 SER), A84 HIS, A98 HIS, A133 HIS, (A110 ALA-A111 ALA), A2 ASP, A38 GLN, A113 ASN, A65 TRP, A96 ASP, (A47 ARG-A48 LEU), A60 GLU, A87 PHE
1 / 1
(A94 GLN-A95 PRO)
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