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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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(A67 PHE-A165 LEU), (A161 TYR-A162 ASP), (A88 LYS-A104 VAL), (A159 LEU-A163 THR), (A16 VAL-A17 GLY), (A150 GLY-A190 ILE), (A170 VAL-A226 LEU), (A39 LEU-A50 LEU), (A24 TRP-A52 ASN), (A87 THR-A201 TYR), (A178 MET-A180 ILE), (A212 LEU-A212 LEU), (A120 GLN-A121 GLU)
A120 GLN
A88 LYS, A189 CYS, A159 LEU, A82 LEU, A26 LEU, A63 LEU, A5 ARG
0 / 1886
38 / 2551
(A11 LYS-A12 PRO), A124 PHE, A224 PHE, A188 ASP, A80 ASP, A115 ASN, A97 PHE, A25 ASN, A13 TYR, A103 PHE, A203 PHE, A12 PRO, (A118 LYS-A119 GLN), (A171 LYS-A172 ARG), A11 LYS, A139 ASP, A7 HIS, A211 ASP, (A90 ARG-A91 MET), A2 TYR, A140 HIS, (A71 GLY-A72 GLN), A173 HIS, A70 HIS, A78 HIS, A160 HIS, (A198 PRO-A199 ARG), A216 HIS, A184 HIS, A35 GLN, A145 ARG, A66 HIS, A158 ASN, A59 ARG, (A179 ASP-A180 ILE), A76 ASN
1 / 216
(A79 GLY-A80 ASP)
1 / 10
(A124 PHE-A125 PRO)
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