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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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(A48 LEU-A88 TRP), (A88 TRP-A98 ASN), (A53 THR-A88 TRP), (A26 ILE-A28 TYR), (A47 HIS-A85 TYR), (A81 LYS-A85 TYR), (A53 THR-A63 LEU), (A57 LEU-A77 CYS), (A117 LEU-A127 TRP), (A45 PHE-A62 CYS), (A51 LEU-A52 GLY), (A15 LEU-A36 GLN), (A47 HIS-A55 THR), (A54 THR-A56 LEU), (A48 LEU-A105 LEU), (A13 VAL-A14 CYS), (A14 CYS-A50 ALA), (A54 THR-A55 THR), (A55 THR-A56 LEU), (A53 THR-A65 ASP), (A85 TYR-A86 LYS), (A85 TYR-A88 TRP), (A37 LEU-A38 ALA)
A59 ASP, A48 LEU, A42 LYS, A38 ALA
A97 MET, A27 LEU, A26 ILE, A57 LEU, A98 ASN, A51 LEU, A55 THR, A61 ARG, A96 ILE, A42 LYS, A105 LEU
A105 LEU, A19 PRO, A53 THR, A55 THR
0 / 1041
30 / 1408
A105 LEU, A45 PHE, (A115 ILE-A116 ASP), A65 ASP, A66 ASN, A8 ASN, A38 ALA, (A53 THR-A54 THR), (A44 GLY-A45 PHE), A93 ASN, A59 ASP, A47 HIS, A22 ASN, A31 HIS, A23 HIS, (A18 GLY-A19 PRO), A4 GLU, (A46 LEU-A47 HIS), (A111 GLY-A112 LEU), (A86 LYS-A87 ARG), (A98 ASN-A99 LYS), A12 ASP, A19 PRO, A46 LEU, A96 ILE, A106 GLU, A76 ASP
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