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We do not predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

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(A7 TYR-A25 PHE), (A148 CYS-A150 TRP), (A106 ILE-A107 GLY), (A166 TRP-A167 GLY), (A209 THR-A210 LEU), (A155 ARG-A178 LEU), (A188 VAL-A189 ASP), (A176 SER-A178 LEU), (A9 LEU-A9 LEU), (A88 ARG-A200 PHE), (A69 MET-A82 MET), (A159 PHE-A175 ASN)
A118 GLN, A192 PRO, A182 ASP
A157 HIS
A139 ASP, A152 PHE
0 / 1792
25 / 2436
A60 PHE, (A120 SER-A121 PRO), A152 PHE, A31 ASP, A157 HIS, A110 PHE, (A182 ASP-A183 PRO), A25 PHE, A109 PHE, A120 SER, A222 PHE, (A119 ASP-A120 SER), A175 ASN, A150 TRP, A29 HIS, A149 HIS, A168 GLN, A131 HIS, A214 HIS, A92 HIS, A28 HIS, A104 ASP, A113 PRO, A201 PHE, A118 GLN
1 / 210
(A79 ALA-A80 GLN)
1 / 16
(A13 GLY-A14 PRO)
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